"Myofunctional therapy with Suzanne was life-changing for me. I had suffered from TMJ pain and dysfunction for over a decade and had done braces to try and correct my bite, and night guards which provided only temporary relief. After a few months of OMT, I was able to improve my tongue position, breathing, and significantly reduced my clenching and grinding during sleep. I then had my tongue tie released, and OMT really helped me improve function after the procedure.
Before starting OMT, I was having severe headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and jaw pain at least two weeks a month. Today, I rarely have headaches, and they tend to be mild or moderate and disappear quickly. My neck, shoulders, and jaw have greatly reduced pain and tension, and much better function. Pelvic and foot issues that I had suffered from since my teens and which physical therapy never fully resolved have now disappeared. I have less back pain, and overall I have more energy and mental clarity and feel better rested. I feel younger now than I felt a decade ago, and when issues recur, I can address them quickly using the exercises I have learned with Suzanne."


I have been treated by Susanne Robertson, myo-functional therapy for the past 6 weeks and I have no pain in my jaw when I wake up from a nights sleep and am getting better quality of sleep. I have also noticed that I’m less prone to tenseness in my jaw throughout the day...I’m more aware of when I start to tense up. The exercises I do for my mouth/bite/tongue are working and I’m looking forward to living without pain in the future. Thank you, Susanne!

Evelyn D.


Suzanne Robertson has been integral to my Myofunctional therapy. I have had numerous dental and jaw problems from when I was 5 till my late twenties and it seemed I would’ve had dental work done for the rest of my life. However, through the work I’ve done with Suzanne, I realize that my body is capable of remarkable and last change if I learn and administer the proper Myofunctional techniques into my daily life. I’m about halfway through my treatment and I’m already seeing the benefits. In my facial structure, posture, reduced neck pain, reduced jaw pain, relaxed facial features, the list goes on. I’m excited to continue my treatment with Suzanne and see what other benefits will come my way and how my body will continue to grow and change for the better. 

P.S.: See a Myofunctional therapist before an orthodontist! Your wallet will thank you 

Jake V.

"I am a huge fan of Suzanne. She is knowledgeable and resourceful for both my patients and my own kids."

Sarah Winter, DDS

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"Hi Suzanne,
I hope you've been enjoying the holidays and getting a chance to rest. You changed my life in 2017 and I am eternally grateful.

Big hugs and happy new year!"


84 years old

"Suzanne is like a personal trainer for kicking the nail-biting habit. She has an easy process for my daughter and has provided me tons of emotional support in the worrying times of this hurtful habit. I felt overwhelmed by the internet advice and Suzanne brought professional expertise to solve this for us. I am grateful."

Miya Dias

Carlsbad mother

​​Suzanne Robertson

Myofunctional Therapist​​

Testimonials from Patients/Parents

Working with Suzanne was such a great experience! Not only did she help improve my breathing, how my teeth moved, and my sleep, but she was so fun to hang out with!! I always enjoyed my after school Monday appointments. When I did my taekwondo before, I noticed that I had trouble breathing, but during myofunctional therapy, I’ve noticed some great changes. My quality of sleep has also drastically improved. I now get a good nights rest every night! Suzanne is the best myofunctional therapist there is!!!

Grace D.

15 years old