Breast feeding difficulties

Tongue tied baby, child or adult

Mouth breathing child or adult

Improper swallowing

​Speech problems

Snoring/Sleep Apnea 
TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder)

Active Seniors


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Habit Elimination

Why Seek Myofunctional Therapy?

​Crooked/crowded teeth

Open Bite

Flared teeth

Improper facial development

Scalloped tongue

Orthodontic relapse

Long face/High narrow palate

​​Forward head posture

Short upper lip

At Myofunctional Therapy of La Jolla, we help children and adults with thumb or finger sucking, nail biting and tongue sucking habits. Poor oral habits at an early age can reshape the palate and impact foundational structures of the mouth and face that can carry on into adulthood. These habits can cause a high palate, early loss of baby teeth, abnormal swallowing patterns, improper tongue positions and speech problems. It is critical to eliminated these habits before attempting myofunctional therapy or orthodontics. Myofunctional Therapy of La Jolla can provide the techniques and skills to break thumb sucking or nail biting habits.